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Monday, June 13, 2011

Witch Trial? Bahrain Tries 48 Medical Staff

    Bahrain, the U.S./Saudi backed regime in the Middle East, has begun a second wave of passive crackdowns against pro-democracy protesters. The monarchy has begun the trials of 48 doctors, nurses and medics accused of attempting to topple the government. Under torture and extortion they have sign documents that, as reports show, they were not even allowed to read. The allegations and forced confessions range from treating protesters, to falsifying injuries, to murdering protesters to make the regime look worse. Human rights organizations, who were present at the hospitals during the waves of violent crackdowns, say the accusations are false.
    What it comes down to is creating a sense of total control. It is to create an atmosphere of dismay and deter anyone from helping or joining protests. Therefore public support for such demonstrations, as far as the regime is concerned, will decline. It is also to say that if you are injured and/or dying from state brutality you will not receive medical attention. Recently the military has taken over multiple hospitals and witnesses say their colleagues and injured people are being dragged away at random by masked officers. One of the doctors on trial was arrested in the during a surgical procedure; that alone demonstrates the kind of trial Bahrain is undertaking.
    We must also not forget what is making this possible. Nearly every arm used by Bahrain to attack its civilian population is U.S. made. Just before the crackdowns began, $200 million (beyond the regular purchases) was spent on U.S. military equipment. Bahrain also houses the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East. As well, Saudi Arabia who aided in the brutal suppression of Bahrain is also U.S. backed and funded. There must be a ban on the sale of military equipment to non-democratic and any state that violently cracks down on peaceful protesters.
    This is a perfect case in which the international community must put pressure on a regime to release innocent individuals.