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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Account - 10:45am, May 31st, 2011

The Account consists of the top headlines made incredibly fast for those on the go. Sources are, but not limited to: CBC, Aljazeera English, CNN, NPR and MSNBC.

Today's are:

-war criminal Ratko Mladic loses extradition appeal, heads to The Hague to face charges
    -massacred 8000 Muslim men and boys, 10, 000 dead during siege of Sarajevo
-Afghan president Karzai warns NATO against air strikes on Afghan homes
-Harper claims Afghanistan is no threat, transition of Canadian troops to a training role
-more probes into the G8/G20 mishandle and abuse
-U.S. house prices fall once more, expectation of an economic double dip

Off Account:

-Palin and Bachmann race to become the first female president with an I.Q. of under 80

Monday, May 30, 2011

A frothy mixture of **** and ***** matter that is sometimes the byproduct of **** ***.

Google the last name of Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. His last name was sullied by internet activists when he made comments against homosexuals in America.

Well Deserved.

Comment if you look it up!

Women and Genocide of Equal or Lesser Value: The Hypocrisy of the Western World

    When the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan turned out to be less than desired, and almost wholly unjustified, the West claimed to be liberating women from oppression. This is not, as you must understand in my argument, a bad thing. Certain areas of the world are in dire need for the liberation of women and as such should be greatly approved from the general Western populace.
    Where this breaks down; however, has been brought to light during the Arab Spring. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has played a key role in the keeping the rebel movement alive in Libya. The justification for the no fly zone (invasion) of Libya was to protect the civilians of Benghazi from genocide or at the very least save lives of peaceful protesters. Where their argument ceases to function is that NATO, along with its member nations, seems to overlook similar events unfolding in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
    Of course they have their reasons... It must have nothing to do with the massive oil supply that comes out of Saudi Arabia... Or the fact that the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East is located in Bahrain. Of course not. Perhaps that also doesn't explain why the U.S. and NATO allows for women to be abused in Saudi Arabia, while condemning lesser oppression for many other nations.
    It is obvious that other states have problems. However; as Saudia Arabia and Bahrain continue to massacre hundreds of pro-democracy protesters and deny women basic human rights the international community is condemning civilians and women to injustice. Perhaps economic, political and power interests should be set aside for a short time.

Women in Saudi Arabia currently:
-abide by a dress code
-require 6 males that know her to be witnesses if they hope to buy or sell property
-are prohibited from driving any motor vehicle
-suffer under unequal marriage rights
    -have no right to their own children
-are blamed if they are raped

The Account - 6am, May 30th, 2011

The Account consists of the top headlines made incredibly fast for those on the go. Sources are, but not limited to: CBC, Aljazeera English, CNN and MSNBC.

Today's are:

-Al-Qaeda kills Yemeni soldiers in seized town
-Germany pledges nuclear shutdown 2022
-Mladic, war criminal, defends self against extradition
    -Belgrade citizens protest in defence of war criminal
-G8/G20 police received millions in bonuses
-Obama visits Missouri town, among the devastated by tornado's
-Richelieu, Quebec, floods approach 15cm by Monday
-FIFA's officials cleared of corruption allegations
-Sudan once again accused of war crimes in Darfur, U.S.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Republicans: The Peer Pressure to Kill Grandparents

    Over a month of public outcry and demonstrations of disapproval towards the Paul Ryan 'Kill Medicare Plan'; the United States' Republican party, the GOP, has chosen to hold hands and jump off the approval ledge. The Paul Ryan plan seeks to balance the American budget in 40 years (meanwhile hemorrhaging money and increasing the debt). In order to do this, Ryan proposes that social programs such as medicare for the elderly be destroyed. This is in addition to what the Democrats have already agreed to, namely taking away heating oil for the poor. The wealth saved from this will be redirected to corporations, all while never touching the military budget which remains at Cold War levels. Democrats across the United States, such as in the district of New York #26, are obtaining sweeping victories in traditionally Republican territories. Town hall meetings and debates between politicians are being disrupted by protesters demanding that Republicans keep their hands of medicare.
    The United States medicare program is not a welfare handout. It is a type of pension that Americans pay into for their entire working career, so that when they retire they need not worry about the gauntlet of privatized health insurance. What Ryan proposes as an alternative are coupons for the elderly, which amount to approximately $15, 000. Anyone familiar with the state of American health care knows that $15, 000 doesn't go very far for an elderly citizen. The plan will, in all realism, rob the working class of the health care they have already paid into; as well as increase the deaths of American grandparents while leaving their children and grandchildren in debt.
    So a suicide pact as been signed by the Republican Party. They are fully aware they are losing seats and, with the current public opinion, have no chance of beating incumbent President Barack Obama for the presidency in 2012. Yet, when presidential hopefuls such as Newt Gingrich speak out against the plan, they are thrown under the bus. Within a day Newt recanted and claimed he would vote in favour of Ryan's plan. It seems that Republicans can't win the nomination without supporting the Kill Medicare Plan; but have no chance of winning the presidential election if they do.
   So the Republicans are holding hands and jumping, with only a fleeting hope that there is something on the other side.

The Zucker-Blood Sucker

    Although insignificant; Mark Zuckerberg has stumbled onto something quite interesting. If you have not already been informed by the onslaught of social media, Zuckerberg will only eat meat from animals slaughtered by himself or a selected butcher. His reasoning for this is that one must not forget that an animal has to die so that one may live. Beyond what disturbing images this stirs up about the multi-billionaire, it stumbles face first onto a path less taken. He has described similar conditions to those who stop eating meat, but Zuckerberg has gone in the complete opposite direction.
    Where the deviation occurs in Zuckerberg's reasoning is that one does not need to eat meat to survive. If that were true, then there would be no vegans/vegetarians.
    He seems to not understand that other animals do not have to die so that we can survive. That kind of idea lends purpose to a shark eating a human; although the popular reaction would not be as sympathetic to the shark! Could a shark speak a human language, he/she may say the same thing!

New Blog Smell

This is the very first post from the Animal Ideology Blog! I will frequently discuss and develop ideas about politics, news and ideology; as well as human and animal rights. I look forward to opening a new perspectives of the world and finding my own.