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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Zucker-Blood Sucker

    Although insignificant; Mark Zuckerberg has stumbled onto something quite interesting. If you have not already been informed by the onslaught of social media, Zuckerberg will only eat meat from animals slaughtered by himself or a selected butcher. His reasoning for this is that one must not forget that an animal has to die so that one may live. Beyond what disturbing images this stirs up about the multi-billionaire, it stumbles face first onto a path less taken. He has described similar conditions to those who stop eating meat, but Zuckerberg has gone in the complete opposite direction.
    Where the deviation occurs in Zuckerberg's reasoning is that one does not need to eat meat to survive. If that were true, then there would be no vegans/vegetarians.
    He seems to not understand that other animals do not have to die so that we can survive. That kind of idea lends purpose to a shark eating a human; although the popular reaction would not be as sympathetic to the shark! Could a shark speak a human language, he/she may say the same thing!