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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Republicans: The Peer Pressure to Kill Grandparents

    Over a month of public outcry and demonstrations of disapproval towards the Paul Ryan 'Kill Medicare Plan'; the United States' Republican party, the GOP, has chosen to hold hands and jump off the approval ledge. The Paul Ryan plan seeks to balance the American budget in 40 years (meanwhile hemorrhaging money and increasing the debt). In order to do this, Ryan proposes that social programs such as medicare for the elderly be destroyed. This is in addition to what the Democrats have already agreed to, namely taking away heating oil for the poor. The wealth saved from this will be redirected to corporations, all while never touching the military budget which remains at Cold War levels. Democrats across the United States, such as in the district of New York #26, are obtaining sweeping victories in traditionally Republican territories. Town hall meetings and debates between politicians are being disrupted by protesters demanding that Republicans keep their hands of medicare.
    The United States medicare program is not a welfare handout. It is a type of pension that Americans pay into for their entire working career, so that when they retire they need not worry about the gauntlet of privatized health insurance. What Ryan proposes as an alternative are coupons for the elderly, which amount to approximately $15, 000. Anyone familiar with the state of American health care knows that $15, 000 doesn't go very far for an elderly citizen. The plan will, in all realism, rob the working class of the health care they have already paid into; as well as increase the deaths of American grandparents while leaving their children and grandchildren in debt.
    So a suicide pact as been signed by the Republican Party. They are fully aware they are losing seats and, with the current public opinion, have no chance of beating incumbent President Barack Obama for the presidency in 2012. Yet, when presidential hopefuls such as Newt Gingrich speak out against the plan, they are thrown under the bus. Within a day Newt recanted and claimed he would vote in favour of Ryan's plan. It seems that Republicans can't win the nomination without supporting the Kill Medicare Plan; but have no chance of winning the presidential election if they do.
   So the Republicans are holding hands and jumping, with only a fleeting hope that there is something on the other side.