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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Police Brutality: A Potential Police State

    A year ago Toronto hosted the G8/G20 summit. Dorian Barton, photographer, was standing apart from the protests and was beaten by police leaving him with a black eye and a broken arm. The evidence against the officer included multiple eye witnesses and a clear photograph of the officer's face. The authorities have closed the case twice, and have finally reopened it a third time. 11 officers were unable to identify the officer. It was later disclosed that one of the officers, unable to identify the accused officer, was his roommate during the G20 summit. It is being argued that an arrest cannot be made so long as the witnesses do not know the name of the officer. This is absurd, and would not be a factor in a case against a civilian.

    My speculation is that the police are seeking to cover themselves and deny that police state crimes were forced upon Canadians. If the case was that a civilian beat an officer a conviction would have already been made. This is a partially democratic society and brutality against innocent citizens should not be tolerated.

    Credit must be given to reporters and pundits of CBC who have not let this issue die. It is only with public outcry that such horrors can be brought to justice.