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Monday, June 27, 2011

Canada Post Confliction?

    The Conservative Party has just passed a bill that forces Canada Post union members back to work. A personal confliction concerning the news of this begins with the fact that the income of my partner is directly influenced by the strike. The immediate return from the bill is positive, but the entire impact may be less than so. The curbing of union rights is widespread in North America, especially in Wisconsin, U.S., where massive protests have ensued to challenge the slight against the middle class. I truly wish the bill, passed by the majority controlled by the conservatives, would at least give the union an ability to argue their point. Although strikes are disruptive, especially if there is not an integral incentive for all peoples in society, they are necessary.
    Strikes should be avoided at all cost in order to limit damage to other persons but perhaps nothing can be more decisive. Any sort of back-to-work bill should consider the rights of the workers and not just the employers. Canada and the United States of America are headed down a destructive road. Conservatives and Republicans seem not to understand the global market. Reducing taxes and worker rights can only go so far. No matter how much we decimate the rights of workers and the middle class, we will never be able to compare with nations such as Bangladesh. It is only education and health care (that Republicans are so eager to slash) that can save us from complete abandonment by the private sector.