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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cocaine and Dead Babies: Why North America is to Blame

    A new report out shows that over 70% of the weapons seized from the Mexican drug cartels originate from the United States. CNN reports that since 2006 these cartels have murdered more than 36, 000 people. This is ironic, especially since many Americans consider Mexico as being a source of violence in the U.S.. Where there is little substantial evidence to prompt any action against immigrants; politicians indeed act against immigrants. This is rapidly taking hold as seen in Arizona, where the police now have the ability to racially profile people and ask for their papers on site. What is most unlikely is any massive program to prevent U.S. arms from leaving the country.
    Currently it appears that the U.S., and to a lesser extent, Canada, are to blame for much of the sorrows in Central America. This includes the arms from the States that allow for mass killings to take place. In addition, America has promoted instability in the region by assassinating any social activist leaders for decades. However the problem will always stem back to the individual. The only reason the drug cartels exist is because of personal choices. The consumption of drugs that originate from Central and South America have caused countless deaths, massacres and other injustices. Anyone who uses such drugs in the current system are to blame. As Mexico puts pressure on the cartels they have been expanding further South. Weak nations such as Ecuador, Columbia and Guatemala are being invaded by cartels whose income is over the GDP of all three nations combined.

 Certain things must be accomplished to stop what is currently happening:

-tighter gun control in the U.S.
-border control aimed at both sides, not just South to North
-individual decisions to decrease the consumption of drugs from the region
-an understanding that our actions effect others in the global world