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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Protest Harper

    Unless you've been living in the cave of materialism and self indulgence, you'd know that a page in the Canadian Parliament peacefully and quietly protested against Harper. During a ceremony, Brigette DePape stood from her seat, where she worked as a page (basically a servant for ministers), and held a sign stating "Stop Harper". This was her way of gaining attention around the fact that Harper espouses damaging policies that (with great evidence) most Canadians oppose. These include corporate tax cuts and the purchase of obscene military jets. Perhaps the most unpopular of which, if Harper chose to enact it, is his promise in 2005 that if elected he would privatize Canadian healthcare.
    Film maker Michal Moore has offered DePape a job since she was, as one can guess, fired for her protest. Although an argument can be made that DePape should have chosen a more appropriate time to do what she did, I do not believe that free speech can be left at the door.