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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Which Feminism?

    The potential for women in North American politics has been a very rocky road so far. Although it would be wonderful for a powerful and intelligent woman to become president or prime minister of the U.S. or Canada, most of them have lacked the latter (intelligence). Currently, in the United States of America, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are the only two with any potential for becoming president. It makes me deeply sad in that both of them lack basic intelligence.
    To start, Sarah Palin. As some other people may say, "nuff said". However, that is not where I stop. She failed to become John McCain's vice president and is known for scuttling his campaign. She's the one who recently said that an American historical figure, Paul Revere, warned the British, instead of the Americans, and has attempted to change history rather than admit she was wrong. Wikipedia had to freeze the page concerning Revere because her supporters were trying to change history. She's also the one, among many Republicans, who say that a mythological father figure protects the U.S. and at times speaks in tongues at Evangelical Churches.
    Michelle Bachmann on the other hand declared that the 'founding fathers' fought tirelessly to end slavery. Ignoring the fact that slaves were not banned for many decades after the U.S. Civil War; and that many of the founding fathers owned slaves. Her lack of basic knowledge, however; must be combated by her ego. At the recent Republican debate in New Hampshire she declared that incumbent president Barack Obama would for sure lose the upcoming election.
    It is indeed insulting to see what the Republican party has supported as perhaps the first female president. In Canada we sullied our first attempt at a female PM by forcing Kim Campbell into the position of a 'scapegoat'.