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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Account - 12:40am, June 11th, 2011

The Account consists of the top headlines made incredibly fast for those on the go. Sources consist of, but are not limited to: CBC, Aljazeera English, CNN, NPR and MSNBC.

Today's are:

-Syrian troops invade Northern city
    -Syrian ally Turkey accuses Syria of massacres
-leak reveals that U.S. arm sales to Bahrain surged to 200 million just before massive crackdowns on peaceful protesters
-protests in Tokyo against nuclear power
-Harper speech: Canada must use its power to pursue its global interests
-Air Canada may strike
-17 year old male in Pakistan beaten and shot repeatedly on camera by security forces
    -protests followed
-U.S. politician Anthony Wiener refuses to step down
    -admitted to sending nude photos to women on Twitter
-Republicans continue to wage battles over killing medicare, ending abortion, restricting birth control and limiting sexual health for women.

Off Account:

-Mit Romney claims he can create public sector jobs; made fortune by cutting jobs