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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Take the Fight to Tripoli - Rebels Close in on the Gaddhafi Regime

    After months of fighting the Libyan rebels have advanced on Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Colonel Gaddhafi remains defiant, stating that the rebels are making orphans and widows. He also stated that they hate Libya and are destroying it. Perhaps the celebrations taking place below in Benghazi bust that claim. As well it was Gaddhafi that threatened genocide on his own people.

    They have beaten the odds and may soon put the Transitional Government into power in all parts of Libya. Hopefully what becomes of Libya is a free democratic society and not what Iran turned into after their revolution. Libya demonstrates that international aid, such as the NATO air strikes, are effective so long as there is a greater driving force from the national community. NATO cannot successfully force change on a country; this explains why Libya is succeeding and Afghanistan is failing.