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Friday, August 26, 2011

Orange Tower - Laying Jack to Rest

    On Saturday Jack Layton's body will be in Toronto where it will be laid to rest. As in Ottawa, it is expected that over 10, 000 people will attend the proceedings. Due to a great amount of lobbying the CN Tower will be lit orange that night. Certain areas of downtown Toronto have already been covered in chalk messages and images to Jack and to the people of Canada. Jack lived in Toronto; he is known for riding his bicycle at all possible times and retrofitting his modest home into a 'green home'. Layton's last public appearance was at a gay pride parade; once again showing his commitment to human rights.
    There are questions being raised surrounding the future for the NDP after Layton. He took over the party's leadership role in 2003 and since then has changed the Canadian political landscape forever. Layton headed what seemed to be a natural third place party and transformed it into the official opposition in the last election. His intent in the case that he died was for the party to choose a permanent leader by spring 2012.

    Jack was a passionate politician, activist and musician. The latter definitely shows the natural side of Jack. The link below offers that side:

Party for Sale or Rent

    Hopefully there is a passionate politician to take up the helm of Canada's Official Opposition.