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Monday, August 1, 2011

Free Birth Control for All - An Attempt to Reinstate Women's Rights in America?

    The Obama administration has just set out new health care guidelines. Health insurance providers in the US must pay 100% of the cost of birth control for their clients. This would give US civilians with limited funds the ability to get birth control with any insurance plan. This decision would help women living in poverty gain control over their reproductive rights in the face of Republican bigotry. Republicans in 48 US states have restricted women's rights surrounding reproductive health. These acts include shutting down all abortion clinics, slashing funding, creating unreasonable building codes and interfering with the doctor patient relationship. Some of the most absurd laws include reading each woman a right wing, anti-abortion, and politician written letter before each abortion. They have also increased waiting times, the distance between women and clinics; and also expect that a medically unnecessary ultrasound is conducted to show a woman her baby.

    The new guideline will not help to remedy what the Republicans are forcing upon women but will restrict the number of women put into a dire position.