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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everyday Death

    There are many things that never make it into Animal Ideology, or do so rarely. There is; however, one thing that should not be overlooked. Everyday occurrences that now make up our world include terrorism, crashes and massacres. Some of them are noteworthy, as in standing out from the rest, but most are not. To ignore such things is not appropriate if our world is to try to better itself. As a snapshot of the morning of September 7th, 2011; here are today's tragedies that would not usually be written about due to their high frequency. This is, as one might expect in a dystopian world, just another day.

-explosion rocks high court in Delhi: 11 dead
-dual suicide attacks in Pakistan's Quetta: 25 dead
-Russian plane crash, hockey team aboard: 36 dead
-gunman attacks civilians at IHOP in Nevada: 5 dead

    We must also not forget the countless people dieing of starvation in Somalia, the rest of Africa and around the world.