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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Republicans and Libertarians Show their Brain Capacity

    In 2012 the American government will begin to enforce restrictions of the power usage surrounding light bulbs. This has caused Republicans and Libertarians to cause a hissy fit about the right of the individual. Although this does not effect traditional looking bulbs that are built to use less power; they continue to criticize the swirl shaped bulbs (pig tails). At some point the government, headed by elected officials, must enact some standards in order to improve the entire world.
    The ban has caused some individuals to stock up on old bulbs. The fact that this issue it has become so extreme shows the immaturity of American politics. Republicans seem to be concened only with preserving their lifestyle and not aiding the survival of humankind.
    So, in order to stop government control, perhaps we should:
    -only eat animal based food
    -all drive hummers and transport trucks
    -use the highest energy using everything possible
    -not recycle
    -believe that a mystical being will protect us
    -and oppose anything Obama does!