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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disrespect for Your Own Beliefs: Mayor of Kandahar Murdered by Turban

    The Mayor of Kandahar, Afghanistan was killed by a suicide bomber who had explosives in his turban. Ghulam Haidar Hameedi becomes the third major political figure to be assassinated by the Taliban in one month. It is difficult enough to defend religious and social freedoms in Western society with the current stigma and bigotry. It is even worse when extremists cause even further stereotypes and racist ideas. Instead of causing increased racism, one should realize that these people are extremists in nature. They do not represent Islamic society; no matter the problems that are rampant in any religious culture. However; terrorists (who murder countless Muslim people too) must stop using religious icons to kill people. Turbans are taboo enough in some communities in Canada but putting a bomb in one makes it worse.
    In contrast, the western media should stop blaming Islam for all bombing attacks with no evidence. When the Norway attacks began, many US media outlets preemptively blamed Muslims. Once they found out that was not the case they began to spin the story into a lesson against Muslim extremism. The reality was a home grown, Christian and right-wing madman.