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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Canada Goose - Another Canadian Shame

It may be like shooting fish in a barrel to criticize the treatment of non-human species in Canada but it must be addressed. The most widely known is the horrific treatment of baby seals, in which they are bludgeoned to death, during the Northern Canada seal hunt. More recently to come under scrutiny is the treatment of wolves and other animals used by the clothing company Canada Goose. They employ the use of leg traps, in which animals struggle to get away for days. Some fall prey to other species as there is no way to protect themselves. During the starvation and exposure some bite their own legs off to escape, only to die of blood loss. Once collected they are murdered, skinned and displayed on overpriced coats for ignorant Western consumers.

Mass murder is never 'ok', or fashionable. Don't support Canada Goose.

A F*** Fur Protest will be happening in London, Ontario (Canada) February 11th at 1:30pm.
It will be located outside of the Channer's Mens Ladies Apparel.
Come out and support this cause if you are in the area!